Cupcakes bootcamp 's 3/3 day

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The last day was very intense and different...we used icing sugar to cover and decorate the cupcakes, sometimes we did piping, sometimes we painted and we put edible glitter on some cupcakes.

Le dernier jour etait tres intense et different...nous avons utilise de l'icing sugar 

( sorte de pate de sucre glace) pour couvrir et decorer les cupcakes, nous avons parfois ecrit ou dessine au sucre glace liquide, nous avons peint et nous avons mis des paillettes propre a la consommation sur certains cupcakes.

iced cupcakes 1 

iced cupcakes 2

Iced cupcakes 3

iced cupcakes 4

iced cupcakes 5

iced cupcakes 6

iced cupcakes 8

iced cupcakes group

iced cupcakes 9

iced cupcakes 10

Iced cupcakes 11

iced cupcakes 12

iced cupcakes 13

I am sorry not to write more about it, but after 3 days of colouring, rolling kilos of icing sugar, modelling,piping, etc... I am exhausted !


Je suis desolee de ne pas en dire plus, mais apres 3 jours passes a colorer, rouler des kilos d'icing sugar, modeler, ecrire, etc... je suis epuisee!

A bientot

Fleur de Sel

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Luv your damn so gorgeous...I Luv it.....
Can you teach me?


Off course I can teach you Sarima , but when will you be available? How's your business doing?...please make sure
that Marc buys the tools I asked tomorrow.

In november I am doing an intensive 5 days course about chocolates