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Fleur de Sel de Noirmoutier

The famous Fleur de Sel of Noirmoutier, delicious on grilled meats, sauted patatoes and even chocolate cake

La celebre Fleur de Sel de Noirmoutier, delicieuse sur les viandes grillees, les grenailles sautees et meme le gateau au chocolat







Raclette cheese : some are pasteurised but the best are raw milk cheeses, it can be flavoured with white wine,or pepper,or cumin,etc...

This comes from Switzerland , Vaud Canton, sheperds used to grill the cheese on a stone in a fire and then to kind of shave what was melt on a piece of bread.Nowadays, people don't eat it with bread but with Charcuterie : saucissons, viandes des grisons ( swiss dry beef), sometimes with steak tartare, but always with boiled potatoes and oignons, that is delicious !

assiette de raclette



Mara des bois


Fraisier Tanty

Fraisier : strawberry cake with buttercream, covered with marzipan

Gateau au yaourt

Yoghurt cakes

Gateau au yaourt et pepites de chocolat

Tarte aux prunes

Plum tart

Tarte aux framboises

Raspberry tart

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