Summer buffet, buffet d'ete

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Summer can be hot and humid in Sydney, and well when you invite friends over, you don't want to be cooking in the heat, you would prefer enjoy their company.

Fleur de sel can organise a buffet,feel free to contact us for a quote :

Here are some summer dishes for a buffet:

aperitif 1

aperitif 2

Caprese salad

aperitif 3

Canapés: smoke salmon on fresh blinis,cream,aneth

Olive cake

Olive cake: can be served warm or cold, with a salad

jus bananefraisecitron

jus bananefraisecitron 2

Fresh fruits  juice

fraises pour tarte

Fresh fruits

And beautiful desserts

Strawberry tart with creme patissiere 5

tarte aux framboises 6

Charlotte au chocolat

Gateau au chocolat 3

Tarte au chocolat meringuee 3


Tarte a la Banane

Mousse Chocolat Viennois 4


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