This cake won the title of AUSTRALIA'S FAVOURITE CAKE

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Few weeks ago I nominated a cake I decorated for my daughter's Sweet 16th for the Aussie Cake-Off Competition on Cake Appreciation Society facebook page.

Out of almost 700 cakes in competition I won ! Here is their post :

Cake Appreciation Society As the clock strikes 12 midnight here, we declare the 1st PLACE WINNER of the AUSSIE CAKE-OFF COMPETITION to be the Jimmy Choo Thong Cake entered by Fleur de Sel, Sydney. Congratulations! Unlike the Australian Government, there's no hung parliament here and unlike Top Model, #41 is the correct winner with the most votes and has won the bragging rights to being AUSTRALIA'S FAVOURITE CAKE!

And here is the cake :

Jimmy choo 10

I am deeply honoured and I would like to thank all of you for your votes and your support.


Fleur de Sel

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